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Monday was my first day back in class. What’s that? You didn’t know I was in school? Well, I am. I’m working on a mechanical engineering degree at Wichita State; it’s a four year program, and at the rate I’m currently going, it should only take me another six years to graduate… I’m writing about this to let you know that the (already slow) pace at which I’m able to finish projects will probably be noticeably slower. Now, the purpose that I had in mind when I started this blog was to record my experiences of working through the “Popular Machanics do-it-yourself encyclopedia.” I’m wondering, though, if I shouldn’t start posting about other DIY, engineering, coding, etc. topics. If I were to do so, I think I could probably post at least once a week. Otherwise, I’m not sure how often I’ll update until next summer.

So I thought I would ask. Is anyone out there opposed to a slight broadening of the subject material for this blog? You can post a comment below, or reach me at my email.