A quick post about, well, Posts.

I had a fun little learning experience today. I learned a little bit about modifying a post for mastercam. We’ve been using mastercam for almost nine years now. Of course most of the parts we program with it are fairly straightforward. We’ve never really needed to worry about using any machine definition other than the generic one. Sure, A couple of times I’ve wanted to use some canned cycles, and they never came out functional with the Haas post that shipped with mastercam. It was just never an issue that really needed addressed, though. There was always something more important to take care of.

Well, today I decided that was going to change. We’re doing a simple threaded part, but we’re doing enough of them that I wanted to make sure the program was as efficient as possible. So I had to finally get the post working. Turns out, it’s not entirely as impossible as I had thought. I found some forum posts that helped me out. Specifically This one. The syntax of the post file was actually pretty straight forward. The toughest part of it was figuring out where in the ~4000 lines of text the relevant sections were located.


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