A somewhat quick update

Wow, Calc II is tough. Who knew? Anyways, like I said in my last post I will probably be posting less here during the next few months. I’ve got several projects on my list right now, and it’s hard to finish projects when you’re writing about the work you’re doing on those projects… Writing about life from inside life; that’s the writer’s dilemma, I suppose. In spite of all the time lost to classes I have still been able to work on the harp a little, and I’ve made some significant progress. The tuning pins are made, although they need a little modifying, and I’ve actually started stringing the harp!

I had imagined doing all of the work on this project at home, but when I decided to use tapered tuning pegs I realized that I would have to either buy pre-made tuning pegs (the sensible choice), or machine some pegs from brass or hardwood at the shop. I did not choose the sensible option. I drilled out the holes in the harp’s end-blocks, then reamed them to a 2 degree taper. Using some scrap brass from the shop, I setup the HAAS TL-1 to cut some tapers, then drilled some holes on the bridgeport, and voila: tuning pegs! As I mentioned above the pegs need some modifying. When I drilled the hole patterns in the end-blocks I just followed the drawings from the Popular Mechanics encyclopedias. Which would have been fine if I had purchased tuning pegs. However, the material that I found (in the scrap bin) was really a little oversized for the hole pattern. As it turns out I’m having trouble turning the pegs to tune the strings. No worries, though, I think I can simply cut a slot in the ends of the pegs, and use a flathead driver to turn them. Here’s some pics of my progress:

pm015 pm013 pm014 pm012


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