One step forward, two steps back.

pm010So, thanks to my mother-in-law’s willingness to babysit, I was able to make some progress on my “window harp” project this week. I finished the body of the harp; now I just need to add the bridges, tuning pegs, and strings – as well as cut the top cover. I did run into some minor issues, though. For one, the hardboard I’m using is quite a bit more flexible than the plywood recommended by the original article; this led to quite a bit of bowing in the sides of the body. I thought that I should be able to correct this easily enough by gluing in a couple of spacers to hold the sides parallel. I was right to think so, but I was not very careful when I cut said spacers, which lead to the second issue: the sides of the body are bowed. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to fix this, but I’m not terribly worried about it. Honestly, I think it’s mostly a cosmetic issue and, if I’m unable to figure out a way to easily fix it, I’ll probably just use some wood putty to make it look straight.

I’ve attached a few pictures of the process below. The first shows all the parts of the body, the next two just show various stages of clamping.

P.S. I need to thank my wonderful wife for actually going out and finding some nylon guitar strings for me to use on this project. Also I need to thank her for just plain being awesome. Thanks, Hon!

pm008 pm011pm009


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